What is this?

Chap Fan Project is a database of chap fan pictures and their prices. Take a picture of your chap fan, and post it up here to contribute to the massive database.

To do list

    1. [DONE] Chap Fan price guessing game- This would produce some cool data regarding the actual and guessed price of the chap fan.
      Train a neural network to indentify no. of meat/ vege on the plate. - This will probably be quite hard to do considering that the meat and vege are usually are mushed up together on a plate.
  • Contact me

    I'm Yu Yang. You can contact me at yuyangche98@gmail.com. Check out my other projects: Vegan and Satisfied


    If for some reason you think I deserve a lot of money,
    Bitcoin donation: 19xSxYCk6HCk7U8t6xDMPeK1Lj7sQwrr1a